Angela Jacquin Photography | Award Winning Pet Photographer, Seattle
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About Angela Jacquin Photography

{ Meet the Gang:  Cool People, Great Pets }

I’m an over-educated marketing geek with a talent for embarrassing myself. A few years back I adopted a “say yes to anything and everything” shtick that helped me learn to live in the moment. I met life-long friends. I surfed, ran marathons, traveled, became a foodie, and drank a lot of beer. My 13 years in San Francisco taught me to be scrappy, creative, and use my wits to relate to people while getting things done. Go Giants. And while I was tripping over opportunity, I realized my greatest inspiration was right under my feet, on my feet, in my lap, and always by my side.


My camera allows me to capture the fleeting moments that show what it’s like to watch the world go by. I love memorializing everyday life moments whether it be a sticky note that documents a Scrabble victory, a golf score card that inspires me to do better next time, the embarrassing “quoteboard” on my refrigerator, or a photograph that makes me chuckle. I am drawn to creating and preserving moments in time.


Some fun facts about me: I am equal parts creative and analytical. My undergraduate degree is in Art History and my MBA is in strategic planning. So I can dream up crazy stunts and execute them like no other. I love pets but do not subscribe to Dog Fancy. I have weird dreams almost every night which often include river monsters, animals that talk, and a maze. I work tirelessly to be good almost everything I do and create raving fans. But I have no desire to be good at vacuuming.


What’s all this mean to you? Well you can expect a seasoned professional who delivers on time, keeps promises, pitches creative ideas, over delivers, appreciates clients, and loves her job. I love dog photography, pet photography, and capturing the unique personalities each animal has. Be sure to check out my portfolio, get updates on commercial work as well as tips and tricks in my blog, and contact me so we can chat about your next pet photography session.

Scooby Doo

“I’m too sexy for these pants.”

Professional frisbee athlete (retired), dashing model, bed thief, dark alley defender, sheriff, animal planet aficionado, hardwood floor baby, squirrel hater squared.


“Take the silverware, let me show you the jewels, I don’t care just pet me.”

Cancer survivor, long-time epileptic, noise hater, dead animal back rolling magnet, cheap date, tail wagging ball of happiness.


“You know Stephen Lynch? Well I’m Beelz. Hi Everybody!”

Professional smiler, stalker, alarm clock, security detail, sassafras, straight jacket, chatty kathy, hide and seek master, door bell notifier, disobediently obedient.


“Let’s just say we call her Lucifer…for short.”

Food hoarder, cilantro eater, heat duct magnet, queen bee, midnight sprinter, catnip lover, laser pointer lover.