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Dog Photography News, Tips, and Images

Taz is a 6 month old Chocolate Lab caught in a rare serious moment…he is normally found running at one speed, flopping around,...

Ms. Muddy Face {Rosie}  is an adopted golden apparently without any needs except going full force at the dog park.  She entered and...

This shot perfectly shows who Sophie is....a dog that goes "woo woo woo" with unbridled excitement and then slaps her paws at you.  True, it's not 100% in focus, but it's a primary reason why I like it because she does this and gets so close to my face ALL THE TIME.  It's tough to capture and is perfectly, well, Sophie.
Part of Sophie's 52 Week Project, "I Smell Like Roses" reminds me of the movie The Jerk where Steve Martin's character buys his girl cheap daisies, the tops get ripped off, and he passes them off as roses with the classic comment "Someone put daisy stems on my roses!"  Golden Retriever Sophie sat here for a solid 5 minutes taking in the new winter smells and I imagine being confused why they don't smell like her usual suspects.
Here is a nice framing idea for a sepia toned sunny portrait. It’s a fun way to change a colorful portrait to match the room.
I have a squirrel hunter. It's borderline obsessive. We went for a walk and he looked up at every tree, across power lines, thoroughly checked out people passing by for pet squirrels or squirrel hat, and alas, in the weeds where this shot was taken. Did he find any? Well no. But the little peanut brained hound doesn't care. He is determined to find them, catch them, and I guess eat them. That's what my dog thinks anyway.
Funny funny dogs I have.  They are absolutely crazy and have no idea when to stop in spite of having a 9 year old.  We drove to Mt Hood which is known for near year round skiing and 3 feet of snow all the time. See some of my favorite shots:
I often wondered what dogs dream so loudly about….I think my dog Scooby Doo dreams about food. This is my vision for the very civilized longing for something tasty.  No drooling, whining, whimpering, or otherwise annoying behavior.  Just a pet checking out the inside of the fridge and planning what he will cook.

The first snowfall of the year and lots of confused pets are cold and excited across all of oregon at the 500ft level....

Gallery wrapped canvases are a nice way to put a collection of images together and hang them in a big space such as...

I like to shoot pictures with a general idea of what the client wants to do with their new photos.  For example, the goal of creating a holiday card versus a 20x30 wall canvas above the fireplace are two very different photo shoots.  Check out some of my favorite ways to display photos in various rooms in your home. And let us know if you'd like to see a mockup of a different shape.
Large format prints are a nice way to show your new photos. I just love knowing what you dream about doing with your new photos and then creating a series of prints, albums, and canvases tailored for the space you have in mind.