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Dog Photography News, Tips, and Images
Fall is such a great time to take pictures with a lot of color.  I love the way the light hits the water, reflections fall into ponds, and you get a gorgeous background that adds to a sweet photo session.  Here are some pix from the day:
We work with clients to find the nicest products to make your house a home.  Here you’ll see a gorgeous antique frame available in a variety of sizes.  We also work with clients to find blue, black, pink, white, and silver frames in a variety of sizes and shapes.
Jason and Myra were very cute - married for a few years they decided to hang a few canvases in their home.  My favorite shot is her grabbing his face and instructing him on how to smile with his eyes. She is very natural and full of inspiration in front of the camera where as he is a bit more uncomfortable. I found the "half smile" worked well for him and he was able to keep it up in spite of the laughter of his wife trying to get him to walk the catwalk.  I also loved the "high fashion" poses and thought a collage of those would look great together processed with cool tones for that fall feel. See some of my other favorites below.
This family was adorable! Cooper, the 1 year old, was absolutely fascinated with my camera and would approach me, i'd release the shutter a few times, and he'd yell "Whoa!".  In this shot, I asked him to run toward me to capture what a 1.5 year old is - on wheels! If you like it, you maybe should check out our just launched Facebook page ( and like it too :). Thanks to I Heart Faces ( for the ability to submit this to you this week.
The rainy season is officially here in Portland - sigh. The good news is there is amazing color that makes for great backgrounds in portrait photography.

I just couldn't resist another backlit background post devoted to Looking Up. It's still amazing to me what you can create when you...

Portland is an odd bird. And by bird I mean city.  You all know I am from California via way of Washington and...

I wanted to share a few other favorites that didn't make my portfolio with the theme of looking up. Why look up?  well you see the sun rush through trees.  And as a photographer, I get to break rules.  The combination of both results in very unexpected things. Here are some of my recent pix taken by simply looking up and finding the right angles, light, and composition.

The local "shop dog" came out for a visit at Wanderlea Vineyards in Oregon....

They are such a cute family!  We did a fall-inspired shoot to create a holiday card and lots of great memories for the three of them.  Cooper is only 1 year old and regularly wandered off on his own to check out the world.  Thanks for a great time everyone!  Some of my favorite moments are Cooper seeing my shutter flicker in the camera and gave me a change to get some close-up shots of his beautiful eyes. He kept yelling "whoa!"

Curious shoot today - pooch kept looking outside from a window at the trash man, mail lady, recycling dude, birds, people, kids, and...

Another fun display idea – the contrast between light and dark against the textured background is perfect.