Cat In A Box | Commercial Pet Photography | Angela Jacquin
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Lucifer – Queen of Boxes

Cat In A Box | Commercial Pet Photography | Angela Jacquin

Lucifer – Queen of Boxes

Really exhausted of saving goodbye to the original crew. Little Lucy lost her battle to congestive heart failure and this little standoffish queen ruled the master bedroom. Here are a few things we loved about her –

  • Snowfall – amazing. We caught video of her watching the flakes fall and damn it was interesting to her.
  • Her sprinting at night upstairs on the hardwood floors
  • Coming down from her nest upstairs in the AM to wrangle the crowd and tell everyone it’s time to EAT!
  • How scared Scooby Doo was of her, even though she couldn’t do any damage to him with her dainty claws
  • She played fetch as a kitten until Scooby Doo got big enough to win the game
  • Starting a project and laying out fabric on the floors, she’d race around corners, hitting the drapery, and peeling out – making a mess of all my work
  • She was a backflip queen! Put that toy mouse over her head and she’d flip backward

We miss you Ms. Lucy. I hope you’re terrorizing the dogs and waking up the team in the am forever.