Omaha Portrait Photography | Pet Photographer Angela Jacquin Photography | Omaha Nebraska
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Omaha Portrait Photography

I ooh so adore how the wind picked up her hair in nearly all of the shots...we waited and waited and i'm sure her face was twitching by then but she held it and we got a lot of great shots. Way to take one for the team, Megan!

See some of my favorite late afternoon shots for BM, such a gorgeous smile! Black and white looks great on a metallic paper. ...

Great shoot of the blueberry farm with animals…donkeys, sheep, ducks, chickens, dogs, goats, and a peacock.  Harry the peacock kept trying to mate with the chickens by showing off all those beautiful colors.  The chickens were indifferent to him.  And the donkeys were enormous and incredibly friendly. I would shoot and then find myself surrounded by them as they were so curious.  Very fun!