Pet Photography Session Questions | Angela Jacquin, Seattle, WA
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Pet Photography FAQs

Check out answers to frequently asked questions

Angela Jacquin Photography is seeking a new muse, model, and spazz to sit for great photos that showcase their beauty. If you think your dog or cat is awesome, reach out and find out how we can help capture that in a way that you’ll just love.

Do you do commercial or family photography?

Angela Jacquin Photography works on both commercial and family projects for people living in Seattle, WA and across the US. We can find a local model and shoot for your veterinarian office, magazine, website, and more. We are also available for travel and work with your furry friend in your city.

For how long have you been a Photographer in Seattle?

Angela is new to Seattle, moved here late 2018 via way of Omaha, Denver, Portland, and San Francisco. She’s had the pleasure of shooting in a variety of conditions and locations and really liking her new pad in Seattle.

How long until I get a preview of my shoot?

You’ll preview your photographs in a password protected online viewing gallery about 2 weeks after your shoot. You’ll then have 30 days to review and decide what digital / print package you’d like to order. Your prints and products will be ready 2-4 weeks from the time your order is placed and/or designs are approved. Please schedule accordingly if you are planning a session for a gift or special occasion.

How much time do I get?

Well there is no set time. Normally one to two hours of on-location shooting time is more than enough to capture some great moments. It really depends on what the goals are for the shoot and the setup time needed to capture the moment.

How do I choose a location? Do you have any suggestions?

You can choose any location in the Seattle Area. The best locations are places your dog is comfortable. We can work with urban, rural, your home, the backyard, a park, and more. Angela has shot on trains, in moving cars, in locations without civilization, and dead center of a packed crowd. Depending on what you are trying to convey, the location is part of the experience and we can come up with something great. Telling a story of your dog’s favorite routine is always a great theme to work with.

What if the weather doesn't cooperate?

Weather is very important for the success of the session as Angela prefers to shoot with sunny skies a couple hours before sunset or at sunrise. Angela is always happy to shoot in the rain (great images!) but she understands if that does not match your goals and we can simply reschedule.

How do you feel about leashes in photos?

Angela generally prefers to shoot without any leashes or collars but completely understand if you want the safety and security. You know your pet better than Angela and lots of pets do just fine in a backyard or even a large park without any gear. We can also Photoshop the leashes/collars out of the final images if consider that during the shoot and take the right shots.

How many images are included?

Angela promises to deliver at least 35 fully retouched with professional, artistic editing.

What’s Your Style?

Most of the time Angela shoots bright, airy, sun-drenched photos that make people smile. You’ll typically find her outside on-location in Omaha during the golden hour at sunset or inside hugging a large window with lots of natural light. Whether inside or out, Angela loves that dreamy bokeh capturing your pet’s personality with a healthy appreciation of the photographic rules and knowing when to break them. She also equally loves side directional lighting for very beautiful contrast between light and dark.


Editing is as much of my process as taking the photos and technical savvy. A sharp focus at the eyes of the subject and soft blur around the images is a combination of technical abilities with processing. You won’t need to worry about the technical details of your pet photography shoot – She has you covered and the photos will look amazing.

How do I book an appointment?

Angela Jacquin Photography is typically booked 2-4 weeks in advance. Simply call or email to set up a consultation and we can find a date that works for you. Session fees are due at the time of booking to reserve your appointment.

What Do You Shoot With?

Angela shoots with a Canon 5D Mark iii. She also has a few favorite go-to lenses including a Canon 50mm f1.2 prime lens, as well as a Canon 28-70mm f2.8 wide angle and slight zoom lens. Angela also uses a Lensbaby tilt lens for a little creative drama and a variety of filters depending on the goal. You might see her put vasoline on a lens filter or maybe use a remote control flash during the day with backs to the sunlight. Don’t worry, Angela knows how to pick the right equipment to allow her to get the shot she has already composed in her mind.

What’s the session fee?

All of Angela’s sessions are a flat rate of $1000 which covers the game plan, consultation, on location shooting, and professional editing of your photos. A la carte, print, and digital collections are available for purchase separately with packages starting at $2000. Contact Angela Jacquin Photography for a complete price list. Session fees are due at the time of booking to reserve your appointment. And be sure to check back for specials we occasionally run to benefit a charity.

Do you offer digital files, prints, and other packages?

Angela is happy to work with families to decide on the perfect use of your new custom photography. Your shoot can be done so that you have the perfect holiday card, fine art black and white photo above the fireplace, metallic print collages, gallery wraps and more. Note the session fee is separate from any package you purchase. Packages start at $2000 – contact Angela for a complete price list.

So, what's a pet photography session like?

Pet photography sessions are easy-going and casual for everyone – your pets will most likely feel like rockstars from all of the love, attention, and support. Don’t worry if they are spazzing out or hiding around your legs – animals always calm down and Angela and your pet will find a steady groove.


Angela will take shots along the way of everything – moments of curiosity, action, happiness, and the quieter sentimental times when your pet is behaving “abnormally normal”.  The best shots don’t start with a forced position and a fake smile, it’s rather about creating the environment and capturing your pet in the moment that screams their personality. Let’s set up the environment for success and then see what happens. Clients are really excited to see their proofs and always let out an “aawwwww!”

Are any products included in the session fee?

Yes! Your Session Fee of $1000 also includes a $25 credit toward the purchase of prints or digital files AND one high-resolution image with print release AND 10 4×6 prints – really awesome, we know. All other products are instead available for purchase after the session.

Do you photograph any pets other than dogs?

Yep! Angela has shot dogs, cats, farm dogs, chickens, horses, sheep, and more. Animals are amazing – dogs are the focus in the portfolio as everyone has one. Not everyone has a pet goat!

And what if my dog is acting crazy that day, untrained, uber shy, nervous, etc?

Any dog can turn into a model with the right amount of patience, treats, toys, and understanding! Training can be helpful but it is no way required to capture gorgeous images. Don’t worry if you animal doesn’t act like itself – they will calm down, adjust nicely to the new sounds and environment, and we always get great shots.

Can I or my family be in the pictures?

Yes! Capturing the bond between people and pets is part of the process. If you are comfortable, Angela wants you to be in the shots. Keep in mind she don’t shoot studio family shots so know that your proofs will have that more casual, bright, sunny, happy feel.

Can I bring another pet or kids to the shoot?

If the pet or child will be in the photos then yes. Otherwise it’s generally best to keep the animal(s) comfortable and not distracted with shiny objects…..SQUIRREL!

How many pets can I bring to the shoot?

You can bring as many pets as you like, there aren’t any restrictions – provided they are there for the shoot and not onlookers. Pets or people who are not a part of the shoot are encouraged to stay home so there aren’t any distractions for the model.

What types of payment do you accept?

Angela Jacquin Photography accepts cash, checks, and redit cards. Your session fee is due at the time you book your appointment. When ordering products or prints, 50% of the total will be due to place the order, 50% upon delivery.