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If You Saw It Happen – You Didn’t Get The Shot

Pet Photography Pounce | Professional Pet Photographer Angela Jacquin Omaha, NE

If You Saw It Happen – You Didn’t Get The Shot

If you are doing your job as the photographer you are focused on the subject – not what is happening outside of your field of vision. I’ve seen some funny things appear in my camera over the years that I’ve missed while shooting or just didn’t know it was happening as I was focusing my attention elsewhere. Or you see really unexpected things unfold while you are trying to shoot as fast as possible. From spazzy uncontrollable fun to photobombs, here are a few of my favorites.

Frantic Beach Running in Unison РNote the tongue on the right:

Labrador Retriever Photography | Pet Photographer Angela Jacquin, Omaha, NE


Doggie Photobomb – A classic attention move:
Dog Photobomb

Shaking his little heart out:

Showing my belly as the universal neutral greeting with tail tucked in:
Angela Jacquin Photography - Dog Photographer

Muddy Face Fun – I had about 2 seconds to get this shot:
Golden Retriever Dog Photographer | Angela Jacquin Photography

WOO WOO WOO! Because I’m so frickin excited I need to say it loud. Get loud! LOUD! Note how her collar is in focus but her eyes are not – that’s because she shot straight toward me and I couldn’t manually focus fast enough.

A Whole Lot of Animals Giving Hugs:
Angela Jacquin Animal Photographer

Angela Jacquin is an award winning dog photographer based in Omaha, Nebraska. Contact her for a consultation or call 415-697-8310.