How Many Shots Do You Take Until You Are Done?
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How Many Shots Do You Take Until Done? Dog Reflection | Commercial Pet Photographer Angela Jacquin Omaha, NE

How Many Shots Do You Take Until Done?

To get it right the first time, I might take 300 shots. Yes 300. Here is why:

Good photography is about getting it as right in the camera as possible.  Every photographer edits photos, but I am talking about learning to see what you need to do, how to set up the shot, taking the photo, and not going back into photoshop to fix mistakes.  You “fix the mistakes” by looking at what you’ve shot, making adjustments in your camera and behind the lens, then getting it as right as possible.

Here are a few things I look for when choosing to shoot or when it is done:

  1. Composition – rule of thirds
  2. Focus and clarity- always on the eyes
  3. Lighting
  4. Background photobombers
  5. Expression
  6. Distractions
  7. Highlights and Shadow
  8. The X Factor

After I get it right in the camera, here is what I fine tune while processing

  1. Straightening x,y axis
  2. Removing debris from fur
  3. Adding my processing style

Dog photography is a bit more challenging as you can’t ask the model to turn and hold it – you sometimes get what you get and cross your fingers. If it doesn’t work – it might mean a reshoot. I also may shoot tethered to a computer when I know a reshoot isn’t possible so that the images load and my assistant can spot adjustments to be made.

The above shot is for commercial dog photography project and I shot this scene over 3 days. This is the final result. Note – this is a reflection. Scooby is lying down next to me, pink metallic wallpaper is behind us, a 15 sided glass stool is what I am shooting into, the room had hardwood floors. See it now?  300 shots to get this one keeper.