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Happy Birthday Scooby Doo

Pet Photography Bubbles | Professional Pet Photographer Angela Jacquin Omaha, NE

Happy Birthday Scooby Doo

If enthusiasm equated to age, my boy would be turning 4 instead of 11 today.

I remember him charging across the narrow patch of park to the left of the SF Giants Stadium as he hunted down that frisbee to the roar of the strangers around him. I also remember my girl Sophie waiting for him to catch it and then winding up her charge from the nearby bushes to get him on his way back. Why retrieve if you don’t have to? Let the athletic dog do the work and then steal the prize.

Scooby Doo – I might let you catch a quietly launched frisbee today in spite of a shiny bionic knee. Your enthusiasm will overshadow the small toss as you do your classic victory dance. Here’s to another year of catching bubbles, watching for squirrels, and defending me in dark alleys.

Happy Birthday!

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