Seattle Pet Photography Shooting Locations | Angela Jacquin Photography
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Pet Photography Shooting Locations

{ Let’s pick a great spot together }

Great pet photography images are started with a great location filled with the right balance of beautiful light and shade. Depending on the “look” you’re going for, Angela is comfortable shooting indoors capturing the day to day moments while they happen, to shooting in vast open locations, through sun drenched trees, and very urban downtown spots. It doesn’t always have to be spacious, but it does have to have the right light.


Here are a few possibilities for capturing your pet’s personality playing near water, around town doing errands, out cruising in the country, and while in their own homes.

Water Dog Photography Locations

Shooting around water provides for nice reflections, lots of movement in the water, and shows your dog’s personality with shaking and swimming if they are a water lover! The ocean and sand in the backgrounds can also create nice sunsets and a depth that many people like in photos.

Urban Pet Photography Locations

City streets, farmers markets, and busy hustle and bustle locations are ideal for an urban pet with a schedule to keep! Urban locations often incorporate city streets, tall buildings and add an interesting background that humanizes your pet and shows him/her in their daily life.

Country Locations

Country locations for dog photography are ideal when looking for vast open space and incorporation of flowers, trees, country roads, and farm land. Tall grass and wheat make for fantastic backdrops in photos – especially at sunset.

Indoor Dog Photography Locations

Indoor photography is about capturing the right lighting for the scene and showing the day to day moments that happen when no one is looking. Such genuine and adorable moments happen when shooting indoors at your home with your pets feeling comfortable and relaxed.