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Dog Photography Portfolio

{ Featured Pet Photography }

A comedian recently talked about being young and getting a dog, getting busy, and forgetting about showing appreciation. Young dogs think “Woo hoo! Let’s walk! Hi! I love you!” and we pat him or her on the head and walk away. That changes as we appreciate our dogs and instead it’s “Omg Scooby you are so awesome! Hi! Want to go for a walk? W-A-L-K! Let’s go get beer! Are you H-U-N-G-R-Y? You are great!!!!” and the dog finally understanding “YEAH I AM AWESOME!”


Pets are great. They are family members. They are to be adored and hugged at every possible opportunity. And Pet Photography is about capturing their quirky personalities and creating art that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. See some of Angela’s favorites below, contact her to inquire about a session, and be sure to inquire about commercial work – she does shoot custom pet photography sessions for your website, marketing materials, office decor, and more.