Sophie Golden Retriever | RIP My Beautiful Pup
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RIP Sophie – Such A Kick-Ass Pup

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RIP Sophie – Such A Kick-Ass Pup

I am heart-broken at the loss of our kick-ass golden retriever Sophie. I am choosing to remember her for the love and laughter she brought to us and hopefully we gave to her in return. I am proud to say she had a great life and we are honored to have been a part of her world for 11 years.

Sophie was super high class and always courteous to strangers. While never tested, I’m sure she would have offered milk and cookies to burglars. And then give them a proper tour of the house with a special purpose beeline to the family jewels.

Sophie was a champion professional hugger. She would curl up to you when scared of thunder, fireworks, and loud noises. If she could talk, we’d be singing the Thunder Buddy Song while having a marathon hug, never being the first to break contact. It’s like the childhood game – who can stare longer – but for for huggers and she always won. A champ always prevails.

Sophie new how to eat like a champ. As a puppy, she would scale the side “octagon” pen we kept her in, hop over, and sprint to the kitchen to partake in the feast. She thought we might someday wake up and forget to feed her. I think this was why she ate laying down all of her life. She once stole the holiday ham from the kitchen counter and ran around with it. Hoarding food, taking what’s hers, and living large – that’s my girl.

Sophie was more of smart worker than a hard worker.  She rarely retrieved her own balls and would allow the other dogs to fetch and then plan her attack to get the ball from her pals when they dropped it at our feet. She’d even lie in wait in a nearby bush and seize the moment to gain leverage. She couldn’t out run her pals, but she did have a solid game plan to win. Such a smart worker indeed.

She should have done voice-over work. She had an epic groan when petted that sounded like she swallowed dinosaurs. She did a fantastic WOO WOO WOO slapping her paws at you with unbridled excitement. She would scratch at doors to be let in or out. It’s when the combo WOO WOO WOO and scratching went next level and she’s slam through a screen door and then look at you like ”yeah, I did that, so what?!”

We “went to work” in my office every day. Her job was to hold the floor down, dream loudly, and fart and look at her butt  – and she did it well.

Sophie was a dirtball. She loved being dirty, getting dirty, and like a heat seeking missile, she’d find the nearest stinky mess, seal carcass, or something foul to flip onto her back and spread the smelly love. She’d also turn hulk on lawn moving day and die her own hair green from fresh grass – which didn’t stink but it was pretty sweet having a green dog once a week.

She was a medical marvel. She lived with epilepsy for 10 years. I always thought one of her massive grand mal seizures would take her. Instead it was the bone cancer in her rear leg. She was given 6 months to live almost 2 years ago and we were able to have lots more paw slapping WOO WOO WOO’s, laughs, and memories in the last two years despite the osteosarcoma. Screw you, epilepsy.

I am clear and yet saddened that I know, with certainty, letting her go one week early is better than one minute too late. We promised to not hold on to her too long despite of our own selfish wishes. We did the right thing when it was the right time. And accepting our suffering so she doesn’t have to suffer anymore is the most selfless thing we have ever done. But it hurts like hell.

Sophie – we love you, you’re a champ, and you’ll always have a special place in our hearts.

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